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What makes your products different?

  • All of our products are Handmade In Colorado

  • We source materials in the US

  • Our paracord is Military Grade 550 cord

  • We test our products on our own pets, before we even consider selling them to you. 

  • Paracord is a mold, mildew and color fade resistant material 

  • While Paracord has a TENSILE strength of 550lbs this does not make it immune to cutting, chewing, tearing or other sharp force trauma damage.  

I have had paracord products in the past that fell apart..Will yours?

We seal our products with a medical grade hot knife. We use over 1000 degrees of heat to ensure that the cord is secured to itself, we then knot over that seal and repeat the process to add optimal integrity. 

Are you located in stores?

Yes you can find us in a variety of stores and the list is growing! You can also find us at local events, click on our events page for more information.

Do you ship Internationally?

At this time we DO NOT ship internationally from our website, but we do on our Etsy shop. Please visit 

Do your items mat or dye fur?

No, the cord has rounded edges and is flexible enough to move with a dog, making it resistant to matting.  The cord is all prewashed so it should not dye fur.

Are your products washable?

One of the great things about paracord is that it is mold and mildew resistant! So please feel free to wash our products. For best results we suggest hand washing them and air dry.

*mold and mildew resistant is not a guarantee, water quality factors may affect this.  


We hand make all of our products so please allow 7-10 days for production and an additional 3 days for shipping via USPS flat rate. 

Are your products chewproof?

Our leashes have a unique quality in that they are made from multiple strands, we have found this to make them more chew resistant than a single piece nylon leash. Multiple strands allow the teeth to go through the braid vs  latching on the material for the occasional grab; HOWEVER we do not guarantee our products against chewing when left unattended. While Paracord has a TENSILE strength of 550lbs this does not make it immune to cutting, chewing, tearing or other sharp force trauma damage. 

How strong are your products?

The cord we use is rated at a tensile strength of 550lbs. Combined the strands in our leashes add to 4400 lbs! 


We seal each leash with 1000 degrees of heat. 


The hardware we use is designed to be a more heavy duty clip that what is on the market. The plastic side release buckles have a tensile strength of 5000 lbs. 


Note: We do not manufacture the hardware and cannot unconditionally guarantee these specifications.  None of our products are recommend for use as tie out. Leashes by Liz is not responsible for misuse of our products resulting in harm or injury.  It is the responsibility of the purchaser to determine the suitability of the product for their use. 

What is this gooey/black spot?

This is the spot where we seal our leashes. If you are in an emergent situation where taking apart the item for survival, this is where you would start. 


Note: We cannot guarantee that our products will save your life in a survival situation. 



Unused items that are not the correct size can be exchanged within 7 days of purchase. Buyer is responsible for all shipping fees.



Items purchased online may be returned within 7 days of purchase. All sales made at an event are final! Items for return must be unused. Refunds will be given in a check format regardless of payment form. All return shipping fees must be paid by the buyer. There will be no exchanges or returns given for custom items.



We guarantee the hardware and seal for 14 days after purchase. Items that fail due to hardware or seal may be returned for a replacement item. These failures include: buckles unable to clasp or malfunctioning clips. Items that have been cut, chewed or otherwise damaged are not eligible for return. Because we do not manufacture the hardware ourselves we cannot unconditionally guarantee the pieces beyond this. 


Items that were used inappropriately and have flaws after are NOT eligible for return or exchange this includes but is not limited to; flaws in the fabric after being drug on the ground, items chewed when left with the pet unattended, items used for tie out, items washed with a bleach or harsh detergent, etc. 


If for any reason a piece of your product is broken, lose or not functioning, quit use. 


To receive a return/exchange:

To be eligible item(s) MUST be in new condition. Any evidence of use and the return/exchange will be void.


Fill out the form on the returns page, including the date and place of purchase. Photos of damage must accompany initial contact for replacement. These items must be sent directly back to us for full consideration of warranty eligibility. Requests for returns/exchanges and warranty replacements will only be answered through the exchange/return form. If you are eligible for a return/exchange a Paypal invoice and instructions will be sent to the e-mail provided for shipping information and fees. Buyer is responsible for all shipping fees.


If for any reason the item in question has been purposely tampered with this policy is null and void. This is to be determined via pictures and is the sole discretion of Leashes by Liz. Leashes by Liz retains the right to refuse return/exchange for any of the reasons listed above. 



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